Production air conditioning blower speed control resistor [speed control module]

日期:2019/9/23 19:42:25 阅读:2558

Wenzhou Qilong Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, founded in 2005 (formerly Ruian Qitai automobile electronics factory). It is one of the professional manufacturers of air-conditioning blower speed regulating resistor [speed regulating module], electronic fan speed regulating resistor [controller], automobile sensor. It has several professional technicians with rich experience to provide customers with high-quality electronic fan speed regulating resistor [controller], blower speed regulating resistor [speed regulating module] series products and automobile sensor series products.

According to the function, there are speed sensor, speed sensor, crankshaft position sensor, speed sensor, phase sensor, flow sensor, detonation sensor, temperature sensor, ABS sensor, pressure sensor, oil level sensor, headlight level sensor, and can manufacture special sensors for customers.

In recent years, the products have been sold to 24 cities in China and more than ten countries in foreign countries, which are favored by users. Since the establishment of our company, we have adhered to the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first", and worked hard to provide customers with better products and services in the spirit of innovation.

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